Testosterone supplements may increase performanceWhile testosterone is primarily known as a sex hormone, it actually plays a bigger role in men’s health, affecting a wide range of drives, reactions and impulses – from mood regulation to motivation and drive, from muscle responsiveness to alertness. Testosterone is understood to regulate bone mass, muscle mass and strength, fat distribution and even the production of red blood cells.

Testosterone levels vary considerably from one healthy man to another. In most cases, a man’s body will be naturally able to produce the desired levels of testosterone until middle age. Typically, men may begin to notice a drop in testosterone levels beginning in their early forties. Even within the normal range, a drop in testosterone may bring about unpleasant symptoms – symptoms that can be easily addressed through testosterone supplements.

Testing testosterone levels is easier than ever and here at Emerge Natural Health we can perform such test and have the results in a really expedient manner.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Keeping in mind the number of functions affected by testosterone levels, the symptoms pointing at a testosterone deficiency fall along a broad range. Should you experience frequent tiredness and low energy, muscle weakness, lethargy or depression, difficulty losing weight, irritability, and especially low libido and/or loss of sexual function, low testosterone levels would be a strong suspect.

During testing we aim to rule out other possible suspects – physical underlying factors such as thyroid problems, diabetes, sleep apnea or psychological problems such as chronic stress or depression.

We check hormone levels with a blood sample. As we mentioned above, testosterone levels below normal range would qualify a patient for testosterone supplements treatment covered by insurance. However, at our clinic we look beyond the numbers, focusing instead on symptoms and general well-being. Should the patient present several of the above symptoms, we may recommend testosterone therapy even at levels in the low normal range.

A specific area that affects a man’s emotional and psychological well being is sexual performance. This consists of two separate factors – a man’s libido (interest or desire) and his body’s sexual function (erectile capacity and erection duration). Should these be lacking, a diagnosis of low testosterone is common.


Treatment consists of weekly testosterone injections, plus other medications such as HCGs and anastrozole. Normally our practitioner will deliver the first couple of injections, then teach you to self-administer. The patient will still have to come in once a month for regular checkups. As the patient starts the treatment, our practitioners will check a blood sample every month for three months, looking for a normal increase of testosterone levels.

Frequently patients begin to notice improvements after two or three injections. A patient may notice increased motivation, increased drive. He may notice himself more energetic, more prone to physical exercise, and his disposition improved. In the area of sexual performance, a man may notice he can attain and maintain erections with greater ease, and he may find his interest in sex rekindled or invigorated.

Counter indications

Patients who have had prostate cancer should not undergo testosterone supplement therapy.

Where To Start

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Low testosterone levels can be balanced with testosterone therapy