Read Our Reviews from Happy Clients

“Dr. Larson is an earthly angel. I appreciate how she guides me into healthy living.”

L.S. Oct 2020

“Dr. Nickels’ assessment skills are exceptional. Her ability to pinpoint the needed treatment within a truly holistic framework is incredibly healing. She’s an amazing acupuncturist and healer. Her active listening, humor, and peaceful disposition truly hold the space. Her knowledge of other modalities such as cupping are also beneficial. I came in with moderate to high neck pain from an injury. In only a few treatments its almost completely healed. Her grounding protocol is incredible, too.”

Recent Patient, May 2019

“I came to Dr. Addy in a very dark period of my life. From our first meeting he was actively engaged in my health and recovery. He allowed me space to explore my own thoughts and would challenge me to consider the weight I was giving them. This helped me to ground myself and not get lost in self-defeating thoughts. I knew Dr. Addy was hearing me when he would refer back to something I shared in a previous session. I can absolutely recommend Dr. Addy to anyone needing an excellent therapist who will value your experience and remind you of why you’re working to heal.”

Recent Patient, September 2019

“I tried one of Dr. Sarah’s group acupuncture sessions for pain in my wrist. She gently showed me what to expect and the process was completely painless – not what I was expecting. My wrist did feel better afterwards as well. I would highly recommend giving her a try!”

Dotty S.

“I received my very first acupuncture treatment from Dr Larson yesterday and really enjoyed the wonderful healing energy. I will be back again next week”

Jolie R.

“Dr. Sarah Larson has been instrumental in bringing me back to good health. She identified the root cause of a life-long digestion issue where other doctors failed. Her patience, deep caring for me and vast knowledge base has made me a believer in naturopathic medicine and acupuncture. My journey through health would not have been possible but for Dr. Sarah’s endearing understanding of my unique life. As a kind teacher, I learned from her the real importance of food as medicine, how exercise can keep me young, spiritual balance and love for oneself as the ultimate healer. I would highly recommend Dr. Sarah Larson for any health concern.”

T.S., Nov 25 2015

“Dr. Sarah Larson helped me so much when I was going through cancer treatment. She provided excellent complementary care through my surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. I had friends compliment me on how well I made it through, and Dr. Sarah’s care made all the difference. And, though it’s not listed as one of her services, she helped me so much with the mental part of going through the treatments. She truly is gifted in healing both mind and body. She’s caring, funny, and brilliant!!! I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

M.R., Jun 03 2016