Hanging out my shingle
By Sarah Larson, ND, LAc

This is a curious profession. One goes to medical school for a minimum of six years in order to receive two graduate degrees only to be let loose to pursue a career as one chooses. I opted to spend two years as a resident physician to an exceptional Naturopathic doctor and Chinese medicine practitioner after graduation. It was my privilege to care for hundreds of patients in that time, each one sharing something of value. When the time came to say goodbye, I told each one that he or she was really my teacher. The humility that accompanies a patient’s trust in me as his or her doctor is undeniable. And motivating.

When a patient chooses me as his or her doctor, it is not only my responsibility to be informed about possible conditions, to order and interpret tests correctly and to offer the best treatment or referral possible but I also need to understand what speed bumps lie between the patient and his/her optimal state of health. No one treatment plan works for everyone. You are not “Diabetes” or “Cancer” or “Sore Left Knee”; you are a whole lifetime of a person shaped by relationships, stressors, knowledge and experiences. It is my job to develop a road to health in achievable steps.

Naturopathic and Chinese medicine are my passion and few things in life are as rewarding as becoming unnecessary to someone as his or her life improves.  The body is wise and will return to the healthiest state possible when given the opportunity through time, rest, proper nutrition, delivery of herbs, supplements and/or medications. Look for more blog posts addressing the most current research and treatment options for various diseases and conditions.