Tracey Bigelow

Reiki Master
Tracey Bigelow, Reiki Master

In 2002 I began an intensive internship with Reiki Master Dorothy Otterson in Mill Valley, California. In 2008 she attuned me to the level of Master. Since then I have offered private and remote healings in California and Washington, co-run a monthly free Reiki clinic in Sausalito, California for 14 years, have offered Pet Reiki Clinics at local veterinary offices and volunteered for a year of service offering Reiki at the Charlotte Maxwell House for Low Income Women with Cancer in Oakland, California. I’m excited to be able to bring my services to Emerge Natural Health!

Hours for Tracey

  • Wed 3:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Sat 8:30am – 12:00pm

Special appt times upon request
Remote Reiki only
Accepting new patients
No insurance

After breaking a bone in my foot that didn’t heal and was eventually removed, I have been in constant pain. Tracey’s Reiki treatment was immediately soothing and took the majority of the discomfort away when the foot was at rest. The next day I was able to walk with much less pain than prior to treatment. I feel like with repeated sessions, I could eventually be pain free. Additionally, I appreciated Tracey’s kindness and good listening skills, which undoubtedly helped the whole process. She is conscientious and a skilled practitioner as well as being a lovely person.


I was diagnosed with Stage 3c breast cancer in March of 2019 and immediately placed on aggressive chemotherapy treatments. My oncologist suggested Reiki as a way to help with the debilitating side effects and to help me relax. I found Tracey through friends and she has been a life saver. I look forward to our sessions where I can get some respite from my treatments and relief from specific symptoms such as nausea and bone/joint pain. Tracey is also helpful in guiding me with healing exercises. Each session brings relief and I look forward to our sessions. I am a firm believer in the healing effects of Reiki and the benefits to my health and sanity. I highly recommend Tracey as a great healer.


Normally I feel in a fog, confused. Well my brain felt so clear! I felt more like myself for the first time in months, years! I felt easygoing, and interested in things instead of hating things. I felt confident. I could see more colors in my mind’s eye. My movements felt freer. I felt that something hardened had been softened and moved through.