Naturopathic Doctor, Reiki Practitioner

Dr. Chelsea Eilts

Dr. Lisa Thompson (she/her/hers) is a Naturopathic Physician who is currently providing Reiki at Emerge Natural Health Care. Dr. Thompson is excited to be offering Reiki as a healing modality because it is effective in lowering stress, creating a state of relaxation, and enhancing healing. It also is a gentle, non-invasive treatment with a very low risk of side effects because it works with the patient’s own biofield energy which exists around and throughout all biological bodies.

Dr. Thompson takes a holistic view of health that examines all facets of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and spiritual. For an optimum state of health to occur, each of these aspects shouldn’t be viewed on its own without considering the other factors. All of these aspects are interconnected and in concert together form the embodiment of whole health.

Dr. Thompson received her attunement in Reiki I in 2012 from Rev. Georgia Vlahos in San Diego. She has offered Reiki as an adjunct therapy to her naturopathic patients and also provided Reiki to the community during health fairs and crisis support events.

She received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM). While a naturopathic student, she completed a 2-year externship in Midwifery under Dr. Katherine Zieman, and holds a Certificate of Natural Childbirth. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Dr. Thompson looks forward to practicing as a Naturopathic Physician at Emerge in the latter half of 2021.

One of Dr. Thompson’s most enjoyable clinical experiences was a summer week working as Camp Nurse at Camp Galilee on Lake Tahoe. In between treating bee stings and homesickness, she got to pursue some of her favorite activities: swimming, tie-dying, sitting in the sunshine, and paddle boarding with her scruffy terrier Grommet.

If you would like to book a Reiki appointment or set up a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss how Reiki might benefit you, please call our office at (360)787-3615.

Hours for Dr. Thompson

  • Tue 10:00am – 6:00pm
  • Wed 10:00am – 1:00pm
  • Wed Qi Party 5:00pm
  • Thu 10:00am – 6:00pm
  • Fri 2:00pm – 6:00pm