Emerge Natural Health Care is here for you and your family. Though Coronavirus is making a big impact on our daily lives, please know:

  1. If you have a fever and chills or new cough, please do not come directly to Emerge. 
  2. A phone consultation is the first step. 
  3. Please call 360.787.3615 and we will put you in contact with your Emerge doctor as soon as possible.


  1. Telemedicine – all our doctors offer online appointments and in-office visits. We are seeing patients both in the office and via secure video. Naturopathy and Chinese medicine have been integral to improving health outcomes for centuries. Mental Health Counseling can help allay some concerns and provide tools to address anxiety.
  2. We are following all the latest updates and information releases, our doctors can answer your questions. This is a fluid situation, please look for updated newsletters and website postings.
  3. Emerge offers a wide range of immune supportive and anti-microbial supplements, vitamins, herbs, teas and much more. There is presently no cure for Coronavirus.
  4. Online via your ChARMtracker portal or over the phone ordering of supplements, vitamins, herbs, teas and more. We will ship products to any location you desire.
  5. Home care and treatment therapies to help keep you healthy or reduce the length and severity of viral and bacterial infections have been used for centuries, we can teach you how to do these simple treatments.
  6. If you are feeling anxious or frightened, those are both very natural responses to rapidly developing events and concern for yourself and loved ones. Please follow these links, provided by Dr. Addy, for some perspective:

Ask us today how we can help you feel better!