By Dr Chelsea Eilts, ND, LAc

Elecampane (Latin name Inula helenium) is a biennial garden herb that is described as bitter, pungent, salty, and warming. Most often, Elecampane is used to clear up phlegm from the chest and stimulate digestion. You can find this herb in different forms, including bulk dry herb, tincture (of infused alcohol) and in capsules. It is included in many cough remedies found in botanical shops most everywhere.

This simple home cough syrup recipe may be useful for irritating coughs, both acute and chronic.

Elecampane Cough Syrup

  • In a small saucepan, mix 2 oz dry Elecampane and 1 quart of filtered water. Bring to boil and simmer until liquid is reduced down to 1 pint.
  • Strain herbs out of liquid, then add 1 cup honey.
  • Pour into a small jar for pantry storage. You may add a splash of brandy for preserving the brew.

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