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Supplements: you get what you pay for


We get asked almost every day about what supplement brands are best and which are the best value. The answers to these questions are not easy. There are many factors involved in selecting which brand is right for you. The most important factor, of course, is efficacy. Other issues range from budget to having allergies [...]

Supplements: you get what you pay for2020-01-22T03:00:29-08:00

Chiropractic, Then & Now


According to the American Chiropractic Association, ‘D.D. Palmer performed the initial chiropractic adjustment in September 1895. Palmer examined a janitor who had become deaf 17 years prior after he felt something “give” in his back. Palmer examined the area and gave a crude “adjustment” to what was felt to be a misplaced vertebra in the [...]

Chiropractic, Then & Now2020-01-22T02:44:08-08:00

What is heartburn/GERD?


Why are proton pump inhibitors not a good solution? What are better ways to address GERD? by Dr. Sarah Larson Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is a very common condition affecting 18.1–27.8% of the adult population in North America1. The condition results from the burning that occurs when cells in the esophagus come in contact with [...]

What is heartburn/GERD?2020-01-03T10:18:31-08:00

Seasonal Affective Disorder


If you have noticed a pattern between feeling depressed and the particular time of year, you may have Seasonal Affective Disorder. For example, you may notice that you get depressed every fall or winter and that the depression disappears in the spring. Less commonly, a person gets depressed every summer and feels better in the [...]

Seasonal Affective Disorder2019-10-30T18:07:39-07:00

Winter Immunity


Staying Strong and Healthy Through the Cold Season I. Prevention! Building up the strength of the immune system through out the winter when infections are more prevalent is the first step towards keeping healthy and strong. Many herbs have an “immuno-modulating” effect meaning that they help the immune system work more efficiently. Other herbs make [...]

Winter Immunity2019-10-30T17:57:47-07:00

Detoxification: Finding a Healthier You


Detoxification includes the ways our bodies identify, neutralize, and eliminate things that are unhealthy for us. These include physical substances such as toxins and pollutants from our environment, by-products from the chemical processes that keep us alive and emotions, mental states and behaviors that are unhealthy like repressed emotions or substance abuse. We live in [...]

Detoxification: Finding a Healthier You2019-10-30T17:45:23-07:00

What Do Chiropractors Do?


What is a Chiropractor? You may have heard of chiropractic medicine and of chiropractors - but do you know what this is all about? A chiropractor is an individual who has completed at least 2 years of undergraduate study before attending chiropractic school. Programs tend to be between 3 to 4 years. Chiropractic education consists [...]

What Do Chiropractors Do?2019-09-30T08:21:24-07:00

Back to school health and wellness tips


It's Back to school time for the kids and the focus will be on classes, sports and other after-school activities. As you get adjusted to the new school year it’s a good idea to do check on these four things for your child to keep them healthy and performing well in school. Good sleep habits. [...]

Back to school health and wellness tips2019-09-02T18:17:19-07:00

Testosterone Therapy – A Healthy Boost


While testosterone is primarily known as a sex hormone, it actually plays a bigger role in men's health, affecting a wide range of drives, reactions and impulses - from mood regulation to motivation and drive, from muscle responsiveness to alertness. Testosterone is understood to regulate bone mass, muscle mass and strength, fat distribution and even the [...]

Testosterone Therapy – A Healthy Boost2019-09-16T16:10:08-07:00

Acupuncture and Pain Reduction


Is acupuncture good for pain? Patients often ask if acupuncture can address specific conditions. My answer is nearly always yes because Chinese medicine is not limited to only addressing pain or menopausal symptoms or insomnia. Chinese medicine is an elegant system developed through thousands of years of study and observation of nature and the inseparable [...]

Acupuncture and Pain Reduction2019-09-16T16:36:29-07:00
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